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Jim Gaffigan: Are we naïve to believe it's over?

Jim Gaffigan: Are we naïve to believe it's over?
Jim Gaffigan: Are we naïve to believe it's o... 02:15

Happy Father's Day! I sincerely hope all the dads out there enjoy this special day of government-mandated paternal gratitude.

Being a father is amazing. It's the most important thing I will fail at, but can we focus on what we are all secretly thinking?

It's over! Can you believe it? I mean it is, right?  Obviously, it isn't "over" over, but it's kind of over, right? 


Comedian and father Jim Gaffigan, suspicious of good news. CBS News

And It's been a long time coming. Believe me. I didn't always look like this. Here is a picture of me from last March: 

From Jim Gaffigan's blackmail files

[Okay, that's a picture of me from college with my best friend in college, beer.] 

Do you know how many commentaries I did about my experience, our shared experience, dealing with the last year-and-a-half? A hundred and fifty! 

OK, fine, it was a lot

And now, it's over!

It is, right?

I don't know why I'm hesitant to say it's over. Is that being superstitious? I'm just being realistic. Well, optimistic. I'm being an optimistic realist in assuming it's over.

What if those of us that think it's over are being naïve? Have we learned nothing from the last 15 months? How many times did we think we saw the light at the end of tunnel only to realize it was just another news alert on our phones about some other string being pulled from the fabric of normalcy?

Don't we remember the ending of "Friday the 13th," when the girl thinks she has survived the nightmare, only to be attacked in the moment of relief? 

Watch out, 2021! Paramount Pictures

I'm just being silly. It's over!

(I'm not going to say WHAT is over, 'cause, you know, I don't want it coming after me.)

Anyway, Happy Father's Day. Oh, and kids: Enjoy camp this summer! Look out for Jason!

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Story produced by Julie Kracov. Editor: Lauren Barnello.

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