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Just as the S&P 500 index settled at five-year highs, investors poured $7.53 billion into stock mutual funds in the week ended January 9th, the largest amount in over a dozen years, according to Lipper. Additionally, investors pumped $10.78 billion into stock exchange-traded funds, for a total of $18.32 billion into stock funds overall, the biggest lump sum of cash into the asset class since mid-2008.

The data confirm what we are hearing from listeners: people want to know what to do with their cash? Barbara from Kalamazoo and Dorothy from CO both need to make investment decisions about lump sums of cash. You may be surprised that while the advice for both is the same, the rationale is quite different.

John and Joe from Buffalo, as well as and Randall and Lin are seeking input on types of financial advice. The bottom line choice is between a fee-only or fee-based advisor and doing it yourself. Only you know whether you have the time, energy and discipline to do the job.

We covered the taxation of annuity payments for Dan and Social Security questions from Joseph and Paul.

For Joy and other listeners, who have been waiting for news on the big mortgage abuse settlement, check out this TV segment outlining the terms of the deal and what you need to know:

Here are web sites and resources mentioned in this week's show:

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-- NAPFA: National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (fee-only advisors)

-- Best CD Rates

-- E, EE and I Savings Bonds

-- The ABCs of Annuities: 6 Questions to Ask

-- The Pros and Cons of Annuities

--Immediate Annuity Calculator

-- Annuity salespeople don't like me

-- Social Security: Manage your account online

-- Social Security estimator

-- When to take Social Security?

--Social Security: File and Suspend

-- Social Security: Double-Dipping

-- Medigap insurance

-- Retirement Calculator

-- Retirement Plan Required Distribution Calculator

-- Long-term Care - US government web site

-- Long term care conundrum

-- Life Expectancy Calculator

-- Life Insurance calculator

--Financial documents: What to shred, what to keep

-- Estate Planning: the Documents You Need

-- NYT Rent vs. Buy Calculator

-- Re-Fi Calculator

-- Another Re-Fi Calculator

-- Reverse mortgage info via HUD

-- Reverse Mortgages: Don't let the Fonz sell you

-- 529 plan info

-- College Loans: What you need to know

-- Student Loan Consolidation

-- Money As You Grow

-- National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Thanks to everyone who participated and to Mark, the BEST producer in the world. If you have a financial question, there are lots of ways to contact us:

Call 855-411-JILL and we'll schedule time to get you on the show LIVE

Send an email: askjill@jillonmoney.com

Tweet me: @jillonmoney

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