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Getting Away With Copyright On Your Website | BTalk


Paul Brennan

Paul Brennan

(Episode 476; 16 minutes 11) Across the Internet there are numerous contraventions of copyright, particularly in the use of other people's images. Many people know it's not their intellectual property but perhaps assume the chances of being found out are very remote. If the owner of the image does come across your site what's the worst they can do? They'll probably just ask you to take it down?

Paul Brennan, solicitor and editor of Law and Disorder, says that some copyright owners might go further, like asking for money. They might then try to make an example out of you to deter other copyright infringers.

So what should you do if someone tells you that you're contravening their copyright? And what should you do if you find your work on someone else's website?

Paul provides some forthright advice in today's episode of BTalk.

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