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Can You Bluff Charisma? | BTalk


Nick Morgan

Nick Morgan

(Episode 498; 18 minutes 10) Having charisma is an important element of communication. We are always more likely to pay attention to and believe someone who carries a charismatic presence with them when they enter the room. But it shouldn't be confused with confidence --- a confident person can just be a dreadful bore, with no charisma!

Dr Nick Morgan is one of America's top communications coaches. In his book "Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma" he explains how you need to be open, connect, be passionate and listen to others.

In today's BTalk we talk through those four steps that could make anyone charismatic. We also look at the differences between charisma and authenticity and see how these rules helped place Obama in the White House. Nick also gives some useful advice on how to spot when the President is not necessarily telling the truth!

There's also a question everyone should ask themselves, particularly if they think they are charismatic --- "Am I as great as I think I am?" Not me, you.