How Donald Trump and Ted Cruz differ on the issues

WASHINGTON -- One year from Wednesday, a new President of the United States will be inaugurated.

A new poll shows Republican Donald Trump leading Ted Cruz two-to-one in New Hampshire, less than three weeks before the primary.

Sarah Palin's endorsement helps Trump deflect attacks from Cruz over Trump's conservative credentials. But the candidates differ on several issues, including taxes, government surveillance and immigration.

What Sarah Palin's endorsement means for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

"Our candidate is ballsy enough to put those issues on the table," Palin said Wednesday at a Trump rally. "Those issues other candidates have wanted to duck and run from.

Like Trump's plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

"We are talking about security," Trump said at a recent GOP debate.

"I disagree with that proposal," Cruz countered.

Instead, Cruz wants to halt immigration from countries where ISIS or al Qaeda dominate.

On taxes, Cruz wants a 10 percent flat tax for individuals and 16 percent for businesses.

"There are more words right now in the IRS code than there are in the Bible," Cruz said.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz feud heats up

Trump keeps much of the tax code, but cuts rates and creates just four income brackets.

"It'll grow the American economy at a level not seen for decades," he claimed.

Cruz voted to curb government collection of phone and computer records to fight terror. Trump wants to reinstate the surveillance and said security trumps privacy.

"I have always come down on the side of security. To me, it's the most important," Trump told CBS News -- even if it means encroaching on the Bill of Rights.

"I hate it. I hate the concept of it, but we're dealing with some very, very bad dudes," he said.