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Michael Jackson's complicated legacy

Ten years ago, the sudden death Michael Jackson sent shockwaves around the world. Jackson's name became synonymous with “King of Pop”, and he left behind era-defining music that spans generations. But the ten-year anniversary comes just months after the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland” highlighted the story of two boys -- now grown men -- who say Jackson sexually abused them when they were kids. Tre Johnson, who writes for Rolling Stone on race, class, and culture, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Jackson's complicated legacy.

Universal Music fire: What was lost?

The 2008 fire on Universal Studios' famed backlot was deemed a tragedy by movie lovers. But this week, The New York Times Magazine reported that the fire may have destroyed a staggering swath of music history. The fire reportedly consumed a vault containing the irreplaceable master recordings of an estimated half million songs – including works from Ella Fitzgerald, Chuck Berry, and Elton John. Universal Music disputes the article. Anthony Mason reports.

Junius Meyvant performs "Lay Your Head"

You may associate soul music with the American south - not a nation in the far north Atlantic. But that's where singer-songwriter Junius Meyvant hails from. Born in a chain of islands off the coast of Iceland, he first earned acclaim in his homeland, winning awards for best newcomer and single of the year. That led to successful tours of Europe and the U.S., and a 2016 album. His most recent offering comes out in August: an EP titled Rearview Paradise.

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