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St. Paul Police: Home Invasion Suspect Stabbed Several Times In Struggle With Victim

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- St. Paul police say a home invasion suspect is expected to survive after he was stabbed several times in a struggle with a man he was attempting to attack.

It happened Wednesday night at about 11:30 p.m. on the 400 block of Smith Avenue North, near the north end of the High Bridge.

Police say a man called 911 to report seeing someone break into a neighbor's vehicle. Soon after, the man saw the thief then try to break into his car, so he called 911 again. Before officers arrived, the man called 911 a third time, when dispatchers heard the caller beginning someone not to hurt him.

Officers arrived and spoke to a neighbor in the apartment's lower level, who said they heard a struggle. The officers entered the apartment from the rear, and saw "copious amounts" of blood on the floors, countertops, walls and furniture. They found the man who made the 911 calls covered in blood in a bathroom. He told them the suspect was in the basement. Officers found the suspect -- 35-year-old Craig Steven Eide -- suffering from several stab wounds and a large head gash.

Both the victim and Eide were taken to the hospital. The victim was treated and released, but Eide was critically injured. He was released from the ICU early Thursday evening.

The victim and his wife told investigators the suspect overheard the 911 call about him, and tried to gain entry into the apartment by pulling out a window air conditioner unit. He then got into the apartment via an unlocked back door. The victim said he tried to block the suspect's entry so his wife could get to safety. The suspect made his way further inside the apartment before he engaged in a struggle with the victim -- which led to the basement, where the suspect was stabbed.

Police say Eide was formally charged Thursday with first-degree burglary resulting in an assault.

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