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Sheriff: Bemidji Hunter, 28, Shot And Killed By Another Hunter; Wasn't Wearing Blaze Orange

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office says a hunting death of a Bemidji man is being investigated.

According to the sheriff's office, they received a report from the FBI and Red Lake Tribal Police that they were investigating a hunting-related fatality on or near the Red Lake Reservation boundary in the 29000 block of Irvine Avenue near Puposky in Nebish Township.

Over the course of the investigation, it was reported that the incident may not have occurred within the Red Lake Reservation.

The deceased has been identified as Lukas Dudley of Bemidji. He was reportedly deer hunting east of Irvine Avenue near the south boundary road when he was shot by another hunter.

The other hunter is identified as Rain Stately, 33, of Redby. They were reportedly not hunting together.

According to the preliminary investigation, Stately was hunting when he observed movement of what he thought was a deer when he fired one round from his rifle.

"When he discovered Dudley, he immediately called 911 and is cooperating with the investigation. Dudley was found not to be wearing typical blaze orange or other high-visibility clothing," the sheriff's office said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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