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Fishing Sage Steve Carney: 'I Just Can't Sit On One Lake.'

MINNAEPOLIS (WCCO) --This week's bass opener is always a good time to get in a boat and whet a line with area fishing guide Steve Carney.

For Carney, it's a season that takes him across the state.

"I start way west, work my way east so I'm actually on hot fish all year because I keep changing lakes and regions, according to water temperature and time of year," Carney said. "I just can't sit on one lake."

It's been a different spring, so he finds different presentation.

"[A] bait I've been using a lot the last few years which I haven't touched for many years is a blade bait. This is basically something that a lot of river rats use. This is probably a 40-year-old bait," he said.

But what Carney reminds you is that you need to be one with your rod and reel.

"It's all about feel and matching all the components properly. If one thing is wrong, you lose the touch, you lose the performance," he said. "Kind of like golf clubs, when you get fitted for golf clubs it's all about tailoring it to what you're doing."

What does he look for as he tries to find the perfect lake? The ideal hot spot that he hasn't mastered yet?

"Obscure lakes with no people," Carney said. "And that's kind of what fishing's all about. You locate these little gems."

It's all about the thrill of landing one. And Carney has one simple piece of advice for this weekend.

"Right now at this time of year, around Memorial [Day] weekend, slow and shallow is the key," he said.

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