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DeRusha Eats: Seven Sundays' Muesli

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- When you think breakfast, you probably think about cereal or oatmeal.

But a Twin Cities couple wants you to think about muesli.

Hannah and Brady Barnstable are the founders of Seven Sundays, and their first line of products is called muesli.

"Anywhere outside the U.S., it's the number one breakfast or cereal that exists," Hannah said.

Made in a Bloomington bakery, the product idea has been growing since Hannah and Brady went on a honeymoon to New Zealand in 2009.

"We just fell in love with this perfect blend we had every single morning," Hannah said.

They ditched their corporate finance and law jobs in New York and moved to Hannah's home of Minnesota to start the company.

Hannah said Minnesota is a good place to launch a food company.

"It's easy to get a start," she said. "You have a little bit bigger chains like Lunds and Byerlys and Kowalskis that support local food. So, you've got easy ins to create scale with your product and test it."

First, they had to do a lot of teaching. Lesson one: What is muesli?

"It's a healthy mix," Hannah said. "It's unprocessed grains, nuts, seeds, fruits blends. We have spices and organic honey in ours."

Now, as consumers' appetite for less processed breakfasts grows, Target is carrying Seven Sundays in all of its stores.

Seven Sundays makes different flavors, including gluten-free blueberry, chia buckwheat, ginger pear macadamia and vanilla cherry pecan.

You can sprinkle muesli on yogurt, but you can also eat it hot, or soak it for 15 minutes in milk.

Seven Sundays wants its muesli to bring that laid-back Sunday morning vibe to every day, recapturing the feeling Hannah and Brady had during their honeymoon.

"We kind of fell in love with breakfast again," Hannah said.

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