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Delta Frequent Flyer Program To Benefit Those Who Pay More

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Delta is changing its frequent flyer program, and that means travelers will be rewarded by how much they pay, not how far they fly.

Beginning Jan.1 2015, the Skymiles program will reward customers based on the price of their ticket. Depending on their Skymile status, customers will be able to earn up to 11 miles per dollar spent.

"It is what it is. The airlines have all the power in the world so they can do what they want," said Delta customer Steve Sheckles.

When it comes to the company re-routing the Skymiles program, Sheckles believes business travelers like himself will benefit most.

"I think it's good for people who have last minute flights, but people who book it farther ahead of time they, are probably going to be disappointed in the amount of points they get," Sheckles said.

Because Skymiles will be based on dollars spent, business travelers who often book late and spend hundreds more will gain the most.

But Delta flyers won't be rewarded for the entire price of their ticket, just a part of it.

For instance, if you buy an $800 ticket and $200 of it is government tax and fees, you only get Skymiles for $600 because tax and fees don't count.

"I prefer not to have a change," said Delta customer Marilyn Hallstrom. "It seems we are used to the way it's currently happening, and that seems to be fine. It works out OK."

But for others, the sun setting on an old program is a welcome sight.

"I think it's probably appropriate," said Delta customer Shawn O'Leary. "I think it's just a way for airlines to manage their costs."

Delta says those using a Delta Skymiles credit card to book airfare will earn an additional two miles per dollar spent.

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