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Clinton Wins Democratic Vote, Bush & Trump Tie For GOP In Cupcake Caucus

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The votes are in. A winner has been chosen in the Mall of America Cupcake Caucus.

Cupcake held a baked caucus over the weekend, creating cupcakes based on each candidate's persona. Voters could cast their ballot by buying a cupcake representing the candidate.

According to Kevin VanDeraa, owner of Cupcake and The Mason Jar, the Hillary cupcake won the Democratic vote while Jeb Bush and Donald Trump tied for the GOP.

VanDeraa said 56.7 percent of all votes cast were for the Democratic candidates, while 43.3 percent voted Republican.

Democratic cupcakes all shared a vanilla cake. Hillary Clinton was topped with pink frosting decorated in red, white and blue sprinkles. Bernie Sanders was topped with coconut and Martin O'Malley had blue sprinkles and a white smiley face.

Republican cupcakes all shared a red velvet cake. Donald Trump had yellow frosting, shaped much like his signature hair. Ben Carson had chocolate frosting with white and black sprinkles. Jeb Bush had a plain cream cheese frosted top. Ted Cruz had the Texas-Longhorn's signature logo and orange and Marco Rubio was topped with red sprinkles and a white smiley face.

Over the weekend, VanDeraa said Clinton and Rubio were leading their parties, with Bush just behind Rubio.
In the end, however, Bush and Trump came out triumphant.

The final tally was as follows:


Clinton – 25. 8 percent
Martin O'Malley – 18.3 percent
Bernie Sanders – 12.6 percent


Jeb Bush – 10.1 percent
Donald Trump – 10.1 percent
Marco Rubio – 9.0 percent
Ben Carson – 8.1 percent
Ted Cruz – 5.9 percent


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