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Tips for choosing the best mattress for your sleep position

Shopping for a new mattress shouldn't feel like a game of chance, but if you don't know what kind of mattress can match your sleep position, it can feel like a shot in the dark. With so many mattress types out there, you might wonder how to find the perfect mattress match for your home (especially when shopping online). 

That's why we put together the guide below for choosing a mattress based on your own, unique sleep style. Should you look for a memory foam mattress with gel foam layers -- perfect for hot sleepers? Or perhaps you'd get the best sleep from a hybrid mattress made of foam, latex, and other materials.

Get to know your sleep position and what that means for finding the best mattress for you below. 

Tips for choosing the best mattress for your sleep position

Do you have a go-to sleep position? If dozing off at a particular angle sounds the most comfortable to you, you probably fall into one of several categories: side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. Side sleepers tend to get the most comfort out of softer mattresses made of foam or latex, while back and stomach sleepers typically sleep better on something firmer.

If you can't pick just one sleep position, you might be a combination sleeper. Hybrid mattresses made of foam layers and containing innersprings may be the ideal pick for combination sleepers, thanks to their balance between comfort and durability.

Still undecided? Here's everything else you need to know about using picking out the best mattress for your sleep position.

What's the difference between a soft, medium, or firm mattress?

Have you ever scoured the internet for the best mattress you can buy online and wondered about those firmness numbers? Gauging a mattress's firmness without seeing it in person can be a bit of a guessing game, so many retailers score their mattresses on a firmness scale from one to 10 to make things easier.

So which number should you be looking for? A soft mattress typically ranges from one to four on the firmness scale. Side sleepers should start at the softer end when shopping for a new mattress for a contoured sleep experience and maximum comfort.

If you've ever stayed at a hotel, you likely got your sleep on a medium firm mattress. These mattresses get a five or six on the firmness scale and usually offer the level of support that's best for back sleepers. Seven through 10 on scale is reserved for -- you guessed it -- firm mattresses. This end of the firmness scale may be best for stomach sleepers interested in maximum support.

Our recommendation for the best firm mattress? The Helix Dawn mattress offers multiple layers of firm yet responsive foam for a next level sleep experience. If you're a stomach sleeper -- or just a fan of mattresses that are super supportive -- then shop this mattress from Helix Sleep in queen size for $1,099. Thanks to an ongoing sale, shoppers can save 20% off the list price ($1,374).

Innerspring, hybrid, or memory foam mattress? Pick a mattress type

A memory foam mattress can be ideal if you like a soft, luxurious surface that contours to your body, while a traditional innerspring mattress may offer superior support. Here's which popular mattress type is best for you and your sleeping position:

  • Innerspring mattress: Made of coils and plush materials like latex or foam, these tried-and-true mattresses offer good support for back sleepers. These are usually on the firmer side. 
  • Memory foam mattress: A great memory foam mattress can do three things: offer top-tier pressure relief, provide impressive motion absorption, and keep you comfortable with layers of soft, plush foam. A solid choice for side sleepers.
  • Hybrid mattress: Combination sleepers may have better luck trying a hybrid mattress. These mattresses come with innersprings and one or more layers of foam, latex, or polyfoam. The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress is one such option that offers the best of both worlds: this highly recommended mattress boasts pressure-relieving, CertiPUR-US gel memory foam and supportive, durable innerspring coils. 

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