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11 gifts Grandma will love for Mother's Day 2024

Uncommon Goods/Harry & David/Amazon

Mother's Day 2024 is almost here. The most important mother of all, Grandma, deserves all the love, accolades and acknowledgment that Mom does. One of the most special relationships one can have is with their grandparents, and Mother's Day is a terrific time to make sure Grandma knows you appreciate the endless unconditional love she's shown you through the years. 

With Grandma in mind, we've curated our favorite Mother's Day gifts. From personalized gifts to a donut bouquet (yes, donuts!), let the doting on Grandma begin.

Best Mother's Day gifts for Grandma

Below are our top picks for Mother's Day gifts for Grandma this year. 

Best gift for the sentimental grandma: Pottery Barn personalized picture frame

Pottery Barn

Constructed from aluminum alloy and velvet with a brass or silver finish, this picture frame can be engraved with a sweet message dedicated to Grandma. The frame fits a 5" x 7" photo.

Available at Pottery Barn, this frame is on sale for $41. Add a monogram or name for $15.

Why we like this personalized frame:

  • We think the best gifts are often those that are personalized to the recipient.
  • You can add in your favorite photo of the grandkids for an even more personalized touch.

For the grandmother who likes to cook: Le Creuset Dutch oven

Williams Sonoma

Gift your grandma the popular Le Creuset Dutch oven this Mother's Day. Not only will it brighten her kitchen, but it's a gift that keeps on giving as she'll likely use it to prepare yummy meals when you visit. It offers even heating and a spacious design for simple browning. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, ensuring it becomes her new kitchen favorite.

This Dutch oven is available at Amazon for $280, reduced from $430.

Why we like Le Creuset's Dutch oven

  • It offers even heating and moisture retention for perfectly cooked meals.
  • The Dutch oven is dishwasher safe, allowing for easy cleanup.
  • Multiple color options are available.

For the grandmother who likes sweet scents: Homesick 'Grandma's Kitchen' candle


If the mere mention of going to Grandma's house brings to mind the aromas of freshly baked deserts and cozy home-cooked meals, Homesick's "Grandma's Kitchen" soy blend candle is a terrific Mother's Day gift — a nod to Grandma's cooking and welcoming spirit.

This 13.75-ounce candle burns for 60-80 hours, sending notes of butter, apple and cream through the air — the only scent almost as good as Grandma's apple pie. 

This candle is available at Amazon for $23, reduced from $38.

Why we like Homesick's candle

  • A candle is a terrific gift for anyone, especially those who are hard to buy for.
  • A constant reminder of how much you appreciate her, this candle will fill her heart for up to 80 hours.

Best gift for the grandma who likes tech: Digital picture frame


If there's one thing any grandparent can't get enough of, it's photos of the family. This digital frame measures 10.1 inches and can display both photos and videos (up to 15 seconds). The frame's intuitive screen makes setup easy and the Frameo app makes uploading and displaying photos simple.

This digital frame is available at Amazon for $42, reduced from $60.

Why we like this digital picture frame:

  • A digital photo album takes the work out of organizing albums, while still allowing photos to be displayed.

For grandma when she's spending time at home: Mark & Graham monogrammed throw 

Mark & Graham

Chances are, Grandma's spending a bit more time at home than she used to. A personalized throw, monogrammed with her initials, is a terrific gift for grandma. Mark & Graham's luxurious cotton throw is stretchy, soft and cuddly, terrific for movie nights with Grandma or days spent chatting about anything and everything. 

This throw is available at Mark & Graham for $99, reduced from $139. Add a monogram or initial for $12.50.

Why we like this monogrammed throw:

  • A personalized throw will keep Grandma cozy when she's watching her favorite show or diving into today's Wordle.
  • Mark & Graham makes high-quality blankets that are affordably priced, yet still comfortable and soft. 

For the grandma who loves her morning coffee: Personalized family mugs from Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

Get personal this Mother's Day with personalized coffee mugs from Uncommon Goods. Each mug is created to depict a different family member, with choices for hair color, skin tone, clothing color and more, chosen when you order. Create mugs for all of Grandma's grandchildren, her siblings or your immediate family — you choose. 

These ceramic mugs are dishwasher safe. One side of the mug features the artist's depiction of each person, while the other side can read your family's name and year established (your choice).

One mug starts at $32 at Uncommon Goods.

Why we like these personalized mugs:

  • A personalized gift is always a win with grandparents who will get a kick out of these curated renderings of family members on each mug. 

For the grandma who loves to read: Gritin 19 LED rechargeable book light


If she's the type of person who always has a book in hand, Grandma will appreciate a book light — this one from Gritin featuring a rechargeable battery delivering 80 hours of run time. The light is lightweight and easily clips onto her book to make disappearing into her favorite book easy at any time of the day. 

This reading light is available at Amazon for $10, reduced from $18.

Why we like this rechargeable reading light:

  • A reading light helps further her love of reading.
  • It offers about 80 hours of runtime off a single charge.

For the grandma who loves sweets: Harry & David donut bouquet 


A fresh take on a Mother's Day flower delivery, gift her a wide array of beautifully decorated donuts arranged like a flower bouquet. Each miniature donut is either dipped in dark or white chocolate and then topped with delicious chocolate drizzle and candy toppings. 

This donut bouquet is available at Harry & David for $60.

Why we like this donut bouquet from Harry & David:

  • Beautifully presented, this donut bouquet is a clever and delicious way to celebrate Mother's Day, while also satisfying Grandma's sweet tooth. She can share it with Grandpa, or keep this sweet treat for herself.

For the woman who loves her pets: Lovepop popup pet-themed Mother's Day card


Elevate a Mother's Day card to a work of art with Lovepop's pop-up Mother's Day cards, while giving a nod to Grandma's other loved ones — her pets. Lovepop offers cat, dog and turtle-themed Mother's Day cards that can be displayed long after Mother's Day has passed.

Lovepop cards are available at Amazon for $13.

Why we like these pop-up cards from Lovepop:

  • Lovepop cards are so much more than a card. A gift in and of itself, a Lovepop card will let Grandma know you remembered her on Mother's Day, and remembered her furry (or shelled) friends, too.

For the grandma who loves plants: Personalized plant pot 


This custom flower ceramic pot is customizable with grandkids' names or those of Grandma's children, pets or other family members. Choose the style of writing you like to create a completely personal and adorable plant pot. The plant is not included.

This personalized plant pot is available at Amazon for $17.

Why we like this personalize plant pot:

  • A plant is a gift that lasts long past the holiday, which brings joy for months to come — or more. The pot can be used over and over again and the personalization adds a clever touch that will bring Grandma joy every time she sees it.

For the grandma who loves to tell stories:  Letters to My Grandchild: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever


This keepsake of 12 letters is a gift to Grandma and her grandkids. This collection of letters allows Grandma to document her stories, thoughts and upbringing with her grandkids, who can open the letters and save them for years to come. 

This keepsake letter set is available at Amazon for $13.

Why we like "Letters to My Grandchild":

  • This set will be a cherished memento for generations to come and allows Grandma to share her history and stories with her grandkids young and old.

When is Mother's Day 2024?

This year, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12, 2024.

Are flowers a suitable gift for Grandma on Mother's Day?

Yes, flowers are a great gift idea for Grandma on Mother's Day. While carnations are noted as the official flower of motherhood, colorful spring blooms like roses and peonies also make for beautiful Mother's Day floral arrangements for your grandmother. Check out this list of the best places to buy Mother's Day flowers to help you get started, and be sure to order early to ensure delivery by May 12.

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