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11 inexpensive Mother's Day gift ideas that will wow her for under $100

Mother, Daughter, and Grandmother Celebrating Mother's Day
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Here's your official warning: Mother's Day is this weekend. Time is running out if you still need to find a great gift for the woman who brought you into this world (or helped you navigate it). That means it's time to start to get some serious shopping done. 

We get it. It's hard to figure out a way to thank our mothers for everything they've done for us. If you're having trouble, we've got your back. We've already rounded up some great suggestions that you can count on for moms who are into tech, home goods and much more. But budgets are tight, and time isn't so plentiful right now. You'd give Mom the world if you could, but times are tough. That's why we've curated this list of the best Mother's Day gifts under $100 that'll still put a smile on your mom's face. 

Whether you're buying for a mom who loves gadgets, a grandmother who wants to start working on her fitness, or a mom who knows everything there is to know about flowers, we've got you covered. Below, shop our picks for gifts for all types of moms, all at an affordable price point – that you can expect to arrive in a few days or so by way of Amazon, just in time for you to gift wrap and give as a gift. See? We told you we have your back. 

The best Mother's Day gifts under $100 

Best Mother's Day gift for moms who need to relax: Ugg Scuffette II slipper: $95

Ugg Scuffette II Slipper

Give Mom the gift of impossibly cozy slippers. She's probably been wearing the same old worn-out pair for ages, so now it's time for an upgrade. These 100% sheepskin slippers bear the iconic Ugg logo on one side and come with a strip of cozy fur on the edges. 

The soft suede is a welcome companion on cold, blustery days, and the rubber sole on the bottom makes these slippers a good prospect for grabbing the mail. If Mom needs to relax and chill out before she starts her day, these slippers should be able to help put her at ease, indoors or outdoors.

Best Mother's Day gift for moms who need their coffee: Le Creuset 4-Pack of Stoneware mugs in Flame: $76 

Le Creuset 4-Pack of Stoneware mugs in Flame

If the first thing your mom does each morning is stumble over to the coffee pot, give her a reason to get excited about her morning cup of joe. Give her the gift of these gorgeous Le Creuset coffee mugs in the beautiful bright Flame color, and she can pick a color every morning based on her mood.

The brand's iconic nonstick glazed surface looks gorgeous in this fiery hue, with a subtle ombre effect on each mug. Mom can enjoy her coffee in style every morning, and she can also finally say she owns a Le Creuset piece, while you know you didn't have to take out a second mortgage for a four-piece set, at that. 

Best Mother's Day gift for moms who need their beauty rest: Blissy silk pillowcase: $59

Blissy Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases aren't just a luxury. They're also the perfect everyday way to wake up looking and feeling rested. If Mom cherishes her sleep, you can't go wrong by giving her a way to appreciate its restorative powers even more. 

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase means waking up with less bedhead or tangles and dryness. It also helps to maintain hair's natural oils. This pillowcase will help Mom appreciate all the sleep she can get with all the added benefits, too. And did we mention that silk just plain feels amazing?

There are a few different colors to choose from, including a pretty pink or a soft cream, and Mom will love the heavenly texture as she slips into a restful sleep. 

Best Mother's Day gift for moms who want simple tech: Amazon Fire 7 tablet: $60

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Does your mother like to use technology, but is a bit of a novice at it? Does she spend time shopping online, watching TikTok clips, or catching up with her favorite shows on her phone? Give her a bigger screen on an uncomplicated piece of tech, so she can do all of those fun things and then some on an affordable, snappy tablet.

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is a great starter tablet that offers a 7-inch touchscreen, 2GB of RAM, a quad-core processor, and 16GB of storage to hold books, shows and movies Mom might want to download. 

It's locked to Amazon's app ecosystem, but it still uses apps like Netflix, Spotify and Kindle, so she can do just about everything she would on her phone -- only with a larger screen, and a potentially better operating system if she's using an old phone.

It's also a great way for Mom to keep in touch via video calls if that's something she's into. 

Best Mother's Day gift for moms on a fitness journey: Fitbit Inspire 2: $77

Fitbit Inspire 2

Whether your mom is just getting started with counting steps, or keeps a watchful eye on how much activity she gets in a day, help her with this affordable fitness tracker. 

This simple and lightweight tracker helps optimize workouts by offering a readiness rating. It can help Mom figure out if she should proceed with working out for the day or do some recovery instead. It also helps by tracking minutes spent at a target heart rate for maximum exercise efficiency.

It has more than 20 exercise modes, 24/7 heart-rate tracking, and sleep tracking as well. The sleep tracking goes toward establishing a sleep score. Mom can even wear this gadget while swimming, as it's water resistant up to 50 meters.

If Mom wants even more features, there's an optional Fitbit Premium service to subscribe to. This Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with a free year so she can try it out first. 

Best Mother's Day gift for moms who love to cook: Carote 11-piece cookware set with detachable handle: $60

Carote 11-Piece cookware set with detachable handle

If your mother is a whiz in the kitchen, make sure she has everything she needs to make delicious meals. This Carote cookware set is a gorgeous and efficient set that makes cleanup a breeze and cooking ridiculously simple.

These stacking pans save space, since their handles detach, meaning you can swap handles between pans if one gets lost, and store all of them in one place. They're made with a nonstick surface, with practically no cleanup.

This set comes with fry pans, saucepans, a saute pan, two removable handles, silicone pot lids and regular storage lids. It's time for Mom to toss out that old cookware and enjoy the convenience of this set instead. 

Best Mother's Day gift for moms who love skincare: Tatcha the Starter Ritual set: $74

Tatcha The Starter Ritual Set

Does Mom make sure to follow a skincare routine day and night? Maybe she's thinking about establishing one. Either way, she can't go wrong with this Tatcha starter set. It's everything anyone needs to start using Tatcha's skin-loving line, all meant to help nourish and hydrate skin to help reduce the effects of aging, tiredness and more.

It comes with five miniature versions of Tatcha's best-selling products, including a cleansing oil, rice polish, eye cream, serum, and moisturizer. 

Mom can get started using her new routine right away, and all she has to do when it's gone is repurchase the items in this set. Easy-peasy!

Best Mother's Day gift for moms who love music: Apple AirPods (2nd Gen): $89

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

If your mom can't get enough of her favorite artists, give her some earbuds that truly bump: the second-generation Apple AirPods. They aren't the newest model, but they're still capable of bringing the house down when listening solo.

With a wireless charging case that serves up 24 hours of battery life, a one-tap setup for Apple devices, and absolutely excellent sound, it's not hard to see why AirPods are such a universally loved pair of earbuds. Your mom will appreciate how easy they are to set up and charge, as well as how great her favorite songs sound on them.

For under $100, this is an easy must-buy for Mom, so she can get her Taylor Swift solo listening party on as soon as humanly possible.

Best Mother's Day gift for moms with a green thumb: Best Choice Products metal raised garden bed: $90

Best Choice Products Metal Raised Garden Bed

If Mom loves to garden, make sure she has prime real estate for all her plants to grow in. Sure, Dad might have carved out a space in the yard for a perennial or two, but if your mother has herbs or veggies in mind, make sure she's set up with everything she needs, including a dedicated garden bed. 

This raised metal bed is 24 inches deep and can hold up to 269 gallons of soil. It's easy to assemble and is made of steel panels, so it's sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather or accidents (like Dad running into it with a lawnmower).

It's the perfect place for Mom to grow all her veggies and admire blooming plants when she goes outside. Plus, she doesn't have to bend over so far to reach them, which is a considerate move. Gift her this garden bed and this time next year, it'll be bustling with activity.

Best Mother's Day gifts for moms who love smelling great: Ralph Lauren Romance perfume: $95

Ralph Lauren Romance perfume

If your mom loves to collect fragrances or has the all-important drive to leave an impression everywhere she goes, give her a great new signature scent. Ralph Lauren's range of gorgeous-smelling perfumes will do it, and you can get one of the brand's best-selling scents right now.

Ralph Lauren Romance is a sparkling blend of jasmine absolute top notes that incorporates pink peppercorn and rose damascena for a romantic perfume that feels like falling in love. It's luxurious and playful at the same time, with drydown notes of marigold and geranium. 

Give Mom a beautiful fragrance she can wear all year round, and she'll be thrilled that she's found her new favorite scent. 

Best Mother's Day gifts for moms who love dainty jewelry: Kendra Scott Fern pendant necklace: $40

Kendra Scott Fern pendant necklace

Give Mom the gift of a delicate piece of jewelry this Mother's Day but don't break the bank. This piece by Kendra Scott features a gold-plated silhouette with Scott's signature shape hanging from a dainty chain. It's minimalistic and simple, which means it can go with anything Mom chooses, making it perfect for layering.

The pendant comes on a 15" chain with a 2" extender and the entirety of the necklace comes in a jewelry bag with a gift box. It's a nice bit of luxury that Mom will no doubt enjoy wearing whenever she decides to don it. 

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