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These deals on electric scrubbers will keep your house fresh and your wallet fat


Electric spin scrubbers are one of the best tools you can use for spring cleaning. These genius products were designed to do all the grunt work of scrubbing for you. They can also get into harder-to-reach areas of your home, cutting down on the fatigue and pain that comes with getting into uncomfortable and awkward positions while deep cleaning. 

Some of these scrubbing tools can get expensive, which is why we rounded up the best electric scrubber deals -- just in time for your thorough spring cleaning plans. Shop and save up to 61% off on scrubbers big and small, including the Voweek electric spin scrubber, which went viral on TikTok. And if you already have a power drill and would rather stick to that, we found an impressive 53% off deal on a set of 20 scrubbing attachments

Voweek electric spin scrubber: Save 65%


This TikTok-famous electric spin scrubber can be extended more than 3.5 feet, and its head can be rotated in three different directions, including 90, 135 and 180 degrees. This allows you to get into hard-to-reach places such as the top of your shower walls and saves you from the fatigue and back pain that you may experience while bending down to clean baseboards, or the interior of your shower or bathtub. 

The scrubber has two speeds (high and low) and four cleaning attachments, including big and small flat brushes, a corner brush and a dome brush. This electric spin scrubber can also work for a long time -- the battery lasts 1.5 hours on a single charge, which is longer than your average cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Voweek electric scrubber is currently 65% off on Amazon. Regularly $100, you can get it now for $35.

Bomves electric spin scrubber: Save up to 31%


This electric spin scrubber from Bomves is probably the most versatile model we've seen. You can not only convert it into a handheld model but also play with its eight attachments, including three bristle brushes (small, large and pointed), three cloth brushes (cloth, large cloth and wool cloth) and two sponge heads (a soft sponge and fiber sponge). There are two speed settings (low and high) and it can last 1.5 hours on a single charge. After that, it'll take three to four hours to charge back up again. 

The Bomves electric spin scrubber has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer wrote, "Great for cleaning the shower. Impressed by the variety of attachments. Long-lasting battery. Highly recommend!" 

Another verified customer wrote, "This is absolutely amazing! I was able to clean stains that I never knew could be removed; it also made cleaning my stove so much easier."

This scrubber comes in both medium and large sizes. You can get the medium size for $40 (save 31%) or the large size for $44 (save 20%).

Rubbermaid power scrubber: Save 27%


If you're looking for an electric scrubber that is better equipped to handle smaller cleaning jobs, get this power scrubber from Rubbermaid. 

This little wonder is great for getting into small areas that your hands can't clean as efficiently, including the space between your range knobs, a kitchen faucet head, the exterior of your bathroom sink drain, the inside of your window sill and more. 

The power scrubber can scrub 60 times per second and has two speed settings, including pulse and continuous. It is battery-operated, so unlike other electric scrubbers, you aren't confined to the maximum runtime you'd get from an electric scrubber that comes with a charger. 

The device comes with an all-purpose scrubber head as well as a head specifically for grout. If you want a more versatile cleaning experience, add these larger Rubbermaid power scrubber heads to your cart as well.

Alloyman electric spin scrubber with two batteries: Save 33%


This electric spin scrubber stands out with two battery packs, allowing you to extend the battery life of your electric spin scrubber by almost double, versus competitors. You can use this for up to 2.5 hours and takes only an hour to charge (some similar models can take more than two hours). 

This cleaning tool can extend up to four feet long and has two speed settings. Its cleaning head can be adjusted up to 45 degrees and attaches to four included brush heads, including a small and large flat brush, a corner brush and a round brush. 

The Alloyman electric spin scrubber has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer said that "it works absolutely great," adding: "My husband wanted this to see if it would work on his office floor at work. It's a construction site so they have office trailers and the floors get really dirty. He used it and it did an amazing job." 

Holikme 20-pack brush attachments: $18


If you have a drill on hand, you can turn it into a handheld electric spin scrubber by getting brush attachments. This 20-pack set from Holikme has every attachment you need for myriad cleaning jobs. 

Some of the attachments include bristle brushes of varying sizes and shapes, soft sponges, scouring pads, polishing pads and more. It also comes with a backer (attach this to the cleaning head) and an extension rod (attach the baker to this and then insert the extension rod into your drill). These should be compatible with any drill, so long as the drill can accommodate the extension rod. 

The Holikme 20-pack brush attachment has more than 25,800 five-star ratings. One reviewer wrote that this "applies the elbow grease for me," adding: "This item removed years of soap scum on bathroom tile in a house I purchased that had been a rental. I like the variety of brushes and pads that come with the package. Tile is shiny and smooth again."

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