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Get this crazy-popular tabletop game for $11 -- and other tabletop games on sale now

Amazon Board Game Sale

Looking for an alternative to video games for your yearly holiday gatherings? 

Board games have seen a resurgence over the past few years, and for good reason. There's a little something for every type of player. Over at Amazon for Cyber Week, just in time for Christmas, you'll find plenty of sales on board games, ranging from classic family favorites to complex strategy games. There are even some that can teach you a little something. They're perfect for family game nights or your upcoming holiday parties. 

Strategy games like "Catan" and "Ticket to Ride" are deep games for tactical thinkers. But do you love storytelling and fantasy themes? "Dungeons & Dragons" starter sets provide an immersive experience. Meanwhile, you can't beat the classics like "Monopoly" and "Scrabble." In fact, Monopoly -- one of the quintessential games you can't pass up if you're a fan of board games --  is on sale right now. You can get it for just $15, which is $7 down from its normal price of $22. That's a savings of 32%. 

As you've seen all week, Amazon often runs special deals and discounts on board games just like everything else, making it a go-to retailer if you're looking to expand your collection. Not sure where to start? We've hand-picked some of our favorites that you can start with. Just act fast if you want to capitalize on these deals, because they won't last for long. And you've only got a few weeks left until it all goes down.

The best board games on sale at Amazon right now

Read on for some of our favorite picks from the board gaming realm that you can still snag a bonus discount on if you hurry and lock in your purchase. 

'Monopoly': $15 (32% off at Amazon)


Everyone knows Monopoly, the "wheeling and dealing property game." If you haven't played it, make sure you try it with people you have solid relationships with, because it can get downright brutal. Race around the board to snap up as many properties as you possibly can. When your opponent lands on your properties, they have to pay up, and you use that capital to buy houses, buildings, and other additions to your empire. 

Right now, it's on sale for just $15 at Amazon, which is $7 down from its normal price. That's a discount of 32%, and a steal if you're looking to play lengthy, strategic adventures where it truly could be anybody's game. 

'Trekking the National Parks': $36 ($5 off + 20% off coupon at Amazon)

Trekking the National Parks

"Trekking the National Parks" is a game like none other you've played before. Explore the national parks of America and experience beautiful sights and memories via an independent company that donates part of its profits to charity. 

Learn all about each location and see sights around America you may never have traveled to before, courtesy of the creators -- a couple who has visited literally every U.S. national park. This title is suitable for younger players, too; the creators perfected the game with the help of their son.

Right now at Amazon, you can apply the $5 on-page coupon to the game and take advantage of a deal where you can save 20% on two select items using promo code TREKKING20. That makes the game just $36, down from $50. 

'Unstable Unicorns': $11 (45% off at Amazon)

Unstable Unicorns

Fortunately, there are no legendary beasts being harmed while you play the colorful "Unstable Unicorns". Instead, it's a card game where it's your goal to be the first person to collect seven unicorns in your stable while trying to keep other players from doing the same. The results can be some pretty serious chaos.

Amazon has "Unstable Unicorns" on sale right now for a whopping 45% off, which makes it just $11, down from its usual price of $20. There are several different expansion packs if you get tired of the original game, and those are occasionally available on sale as well. 

'Exploding Kittens': $16 (20% off at Amazon)

Exploding Kittens

Don't worry. Nothing is happening to these poor kittens, just like with the unicorns. Exploding Kittens has each player trying to dodge the imaginary cats on fire, all while betraying friends, playing action cards, defusing kittens that are about to blow, and much more.  It's a perfect 2-5 player game that would be great for holiday parties. There are also a number of expansion packs, which make for even more fun.

Right now, you can snag it at Amazon for just $16, which is 20% off its normal price of $20. You can get it just in time for the holidays. All you need now is a whole room of people to play with, because everyone is definitely going to ask if they can. 

'Ticket to Ride': $28 (50% off at Amazon)

Ticket to Ride

This extremely popular strategy game has you exploring all of North America as you make your way through the 20th-century United States and create train routes by placing cards. Collect enough train cards and claim your own railway routes, earn more points by laying down longer routes, and see who can build the longest railway.

'Ticket to Ride' is available at Amazon for a fantastic price. It's just $28, which is 50% off its normal price of $55. That's well worth the entry fee, especially if you've wondered if the game might be you at any point. It's affordable enough to try.

'Catan': $28 (50% off at Amazon)


Catan is a board game that will definitely take some time to get used to and understand, but it's worth the effort to enjoy it with friends and family. You're on a mission to settle the Isle of Catan as you use resources to develop the land, build settlements, cities and more. It's an intensely complex strategy game, but that's what makes it so much fun.

It's also on sale for an extremely low price at Amazon for Cyber Week. It's just $27, which is 50% off its normal price of $55. Be sure and grab it before it goes back up outside of this week's sales event, because you don't want to miss this one. 

Other board games on sale now:

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