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Are there mattresses smaller than a twin?

With Presidents' Day weekend here, there's no better time to shop for a new mattress than right now. Although it's easy enough to find luxurious mattresses in traditional sizes ranging from twin to king, what about shoppers looking for something smaller?

If you're looking for a mattress size smaller than a twin, we have good news: Although they're a bit harder to find than traditional sizes, there are tinier mattresses -- small single and toddler mattresses specifically -- to be found at retailers like Amazon

Are there mattresses smaller than a twin?

Most mattress brands give shoppers a range of mattress size options, ranging from twin to king. If you need a quick refresher, your usual options while mattress shopping include: 

  • Twin: 38 inches x 75 inches
  • Twin XL: 38 inches x 80 inches
  • Double / full: 54 inches x 75 inches
  • Full XL: 54 inches x 80 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King: 76 inches x 80 inches

Specialty sizes are a bit harder to find, but there are other options out there to consider. In addition to oversized mattresses that put king size to shame, there are a number of smaller mattress sizes. 

These include small single mattresses (30 inches x 75 inches) -- notably shorter in length than twin or twin XL size mattresses -- which can be ideal if you're working with limited room size. Parents can also seek out toddler mattresses (27.25 inches by 51.6 inches) for something larger than a crib but smaller than a traditional mattress

Best specialty mattresses smaller than a twin

If you're looking for mattresses smaller than twin size, there's a few things to know. First is that a brand may have what you're looking for size-wise, but they're not labeled as anything in particular. Instead they may be described by dimensions only. Take this Best to Rest memory foam mattress, for example: In addition to traditional sizes, there are a few custom options. 

The first nontraditional size option for this memory foam mattress measures 30 inches by 74 inches. Although it's not labeled, this is essentially a small single mattress size. Some other custom sizes offered for this online mattress are wider with the same length: 33 inches and 36 inches, giving shoppers a few options when it comes to smaller mattresses. 

Cribs and toddler mattresses that are perfect for a child's bedroom

Adding a small single mattress to your home can be perfect for toddlers and children getting ready to move on from a crib. If you want to make the move from a crib to a mattress as easy as possible, there are hybrid crib options available that match the US standard for crib sizes: precisely 27.25 inches by 51.63 inches. 

Hybrid crib mattresses like the Sealy posture perfect 2-stage crib and toddler mattress are -- in addition to being slight tongue twisters -- perfect for providing a safe and secure sleeping space for a growing toddler. 

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