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Are there mattresses bigger than a king?

If you're shopping for a larger mattress, there's probably two things on your mind: luxury and extra space. Some of the best mattresses of 2024 offer unparalleled comfort and support in sizes that run from twin to king, but did you know that the size range doesn't stop at king size mattresses?

Are there mattresses bigger than a king?

If you're reading this, you're likely familiar with the typical range of mattress sizes that most mattress retailers offer:

  • Twin: 38 inches x 75 inches
  • Twin XL: 38 inches x 80 inches
  • Double / full: 54 inches x 75 inches
  • Full XL: 54 inches x 80 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King: 76 inches x 80 inches

These traditional mattress sizes are self-explanatory: twin and twin XL sizes are great for smaller bedrooms, double sizes and up are ideal for couples, and queen and king beds are perfect if you need a lot of elbow room when settling down for the night.

But if you've shopped for mattresses online before, you may already know how incomplete this list is. Some mattress models are available in sizes ranging up to California king -- such as the original hybrid mattress by Casper (currently 15% off thanks to a Presidents' Day sales event).

Ready for the big reveal? Mattress sizes that go above and beyond king size include: 

  • California king: 72 inches x 84 inches
  • Wyoming king: 84 inches x 84 inches
  • Texas king: 98 inches x 80 inches
  • Alberta king: 96 inches x 96 inches
  • Alaskan king: 108 inches x 108 inches

To give you a better visual, that Alaskan king size mattress measures out to a whopping 9 feet x 9 feet. These mattresses typically come with a price tag in the thousands, with some Alaskan king size mattresses costing upwards of $5,000.

You may come across a few other sizes when mattress shopping. This can include the split king (essentially two twin XL mattresses measuring 38 inches by 80 inches each) and split California king (two mattresses, 28 inches by 80 inches each). These, along with modified versions of traditional sizes like the Olympic queen (66 inches by 80 inches), are less common than traditional sizes and -- like the oversize mattress sizes listed above -- may or may not be sold by certain mattress brands.

Is an oversized mattress is worth it?

If these oversize mattresses are new to you, you may be wondering whether the upgrade from a traditional queen or king size mattress is worth the cost. There are a number of valid reasons to consider an oversize mattress, including:

  • Increased personal space for couples -- specifically, side sleepers who don't want to take up a partner's side of the bed.
  • Room for children and pets. This can be a real positive gamechanger for large families.
  • Simple indulgence. The luxurious feel of a spacious bed -- dotted with as many pillows and blankets as your heart desires -- is hard to beat.
  • Increased safety for anyone at risk of falling out of bed during the night.

Where to find California, Wyoming, Texas and Alaskan king size mattresses

Shopping for oversized models can be harder than searching for traditional sizes. Your favorite online retailers like Saatva and Nolah Mattress tend to offer mattresses going up to California king and split California king sizes, so if you want the really big stuff, you'll have to shop around.

If you wantmattresses in a range of Alaskan King sizes, including Alaskan king, smaller versions like the Alaskan king mini (96 inches by 96 inches), and absolute behemoths like the Alaskan king biggie (144 inches by 108 inches), then check out the aptly named Alaskan King Bed Company.

Most other oversize mattress options have limited options when shopping online. If you have your heart set on a mattress that's wider than it is tall, we recommend the Texas King Bed by MattressInsider. At a size of 80 inches by 98 inches and a height of more than 13 inches, this large mattress is currently on sale for $3,299 (a $700 deal). Nimble shoppers can also save an additional eight percent off their total by using coupon code VALENTINE before the end of February 14.

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