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Springfield Police Arrest Man For Possession Of Flamethrower

SPRINGFIELD (CBS) – Springfield Police arrested a man and charged him with possession of a flamethrower following a traffic stop early Sunday morning.

Officers stopped a car on East Columbus Ave. after a passenger, who was later identified as Brandon McGee, was standing up and recording video from an open sunroof.

Brandon McGee
Brandon McGee. (Image Credit: Springfield Police)

Springfield Police said the car didn't have an active inspection sticker.

When the driver stopped, an officer saw what they believed was the grip of a rifle under the passenger seat. The three people in the car said it was not a gun, but instead a flamethrower that McGee said was his.

A flamethrower seized in Springfield. (Image Credit: Springfield Police)

McGee had an active warrant for his arrest for receiving a stolen motor vehicle and operating with a suspended license. Additionally, he was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon with an active warrant and possession of an infernal machine.

The flamethrower was labeled from Elon Musk's "The Boring Company." Musk's company produced a limited number of the devices, which they called "The Boring Company's Not A Flamethrower."

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