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Lauren Astley's Parents Remember Daughter's 'Unique Spirit' 5 Years After Her Murder

WAYLAND (CBS) -- The pain and heartache of the last five years were evident.

Lauren Astley's parents held back tears as they pinned up five coral-colored bows on the fence in front of First Parish Church in Wayland. Coral was Lauren's favorite color, and her parents tied the bows to the fence as a way to honor her on the five-year anniversary of her death.

Lauren Astley
Lauren Astley (photo courtesy: Facebook)

Lauren was murdered by her boyfriend, Nate Fujita, in 2011. Prosecutors said her murder was carefully planned and fueled by rage over a breakup. Fujita was convicted in March 2013.

Astley's parents have since dedicated their lives to educating teens about dating violence.

Mary Dunne told WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe that the bows were a way to honor their daughter's memory.

"It is the fifth anniversary of my only child Lauren's murder," said Dunne. "We're here to put these bows up on the fence in front of the church that she grew up in to remind people that she's gone, and that there's much work to be done in terms of violence against women, against everybody. This is just a reminder and an honor to Lauren."

Malcolm Astley, Lauren's father, said the bows were placed to remember Lauren's unique spirit, but also carried a message.

"Second, is to continue to build awareness about the issues of boys' and men's violence against girls and women," said Malcolm. "Fifty more girls and women have been similarly murdered in our state since Lauren's death."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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