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Family Rallies Behind Infant In Desperate Need Of Liver Transplant

BOSTON (CBS) -- At Boston Children's Hospital organ transplant floor, 7-month-old Gabriella puts on a brave smile even though she's fighting for her life.

"We are trying to keep hope. We are doing our best for her," her mother Meghan Stuart said.

Gabby has Biliary Atresia, a liver disease that develops shortly after birth. Gabby's is now advanced and she's in desperate need of a liver transplant.

"Unfortunately, this is a disease if it gets to this point can be fatal for her if it progresses any longer without a liver transplant," Boston Children's Hospital Liver Specialist Dr. Maureen Jonas said.

The family made a Facebook page called "Gabriella Quinn's Journey."  It's to let people know how she's doing but also to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation. In Gabby's case, she doesn't even need a full liver.

"We are now lucky that these procedures have been perfected we can take part of a liver or from a living donor and go into Gabby and grow as she grows," Dr. Jonas said.

7-month-old Gabriella Quinn is in desperate need of a liver transplant (WBZ)

Gabriella's family is very thankful for all the love and support but their precious child needs a liver transplant within a year. And while the family remains hopeful they know the road for this child is going to get tougher.

"It's overwhelming. I am only 30 this is my first baby and you think you're going to have a newborn and take them home but you mourn the fact you can't do that," Stuart said.

The family is very thankful for support at Boston Children's Hospital as they hope for a miracle.

"In reality she may not get one before she needs one. The doctors here have been unbelievable to us and we trust in them," Stuart said.

Until then, Gabby will smile, fight and wait for a transplant.

Doctors say Gabby needs an O positive or O negative blood type.

For more information go to her Facebook page.

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