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Amesbury Baker Makes Nurse-Themed Cookies During Coronavirus Pandemic

AMESBURY (CBS) -- Renee Terry is using her cookie baking and decorating skills to brighten up nurses' days. She's been making cookies for healthcare workers on the front lines fighting the coronavirus.

"I wanted to do something that was simple, classy and pretty," Terry said.

Terry runs Sweet Cheeks by Renee, a cake and cookie company out of Amesbury. The baker said she started making the cookies after a customer asked if she could make nurse-themed cookies.

A nurse-themed cookie made by Renee Terry. (Photo Courtesy: Renee Terry)

She said nurses and healthcare workers love the grey and yellow cookies, which are beautifully decorated in the shapes of scrubs, pills and coffee cups with accents of yellow flowers.

Terry said she's already made about 300 cookies, and never expected this to take off the way it did.

"They're going through so much right now. They're seeing so much right now. It's nice to know that when they have a cookie it's just like a small slice of their day," she said. "They're happy and they're excited to see a sweet treat while they're doing what they do best. It's just a cookie, but obviously to other people it's a nice uplifting message, so I think that's awesome."

Nurse-themed cookies made by Renee Terry. (Photo Courtesy: Renee Terry)

Terry can customize the color palette, and offers contact-less pick up from her home, or she can ship them directly to wherever customers like.

Terry's nurse cookies can be ordered online.

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