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Businesses In Lynn, Winchester Remind Customers To Mask Up

WINCHESTER (CBS) – Businesses in Lynn are reminding customers to mask up at the door following a citywide mandate to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

As temperatures drop and people spend more time indoors, the owner of Andy's Breakfast and Lunch in Lynn agrees with the tighter restrictions. "I think that's the best idea to protect the customers and the employees also. It goes a long way to stop the virus," he said.

With new infections steadily rising in Massachusetts, not every community is requiring masks indoors. The Winchester Board of Health voted to lift their indoor mask mandate – making it a strong advisory instead.

"I think it's surprising, especially with the rise of the new variant," said Winchester resident Angelina Hawley-Dolan.

Some Main Street businesses disagree with the move to do away with masks indoors. Book Ends in Winchester is requiring all customers to mask up regardless of vaccination status.

"COVID's not over," said owner Judy Manzo. "We have a huge children's room and there are little children and grandparents here every day, all day."

Manzo told WBZ-TV that she wants to protect her customers and employees, even if it makes some people upset.

"Maybe one disgruntled customer, but they can choose to come in my store or not," she said.

Other shoppers believe if towns don't require a face covering, it should be up to personal choice.

"If people wish to wear a mask, they should wear a mask. If they don't want to wear a mask, that's up to them. I personally think you should wear a mask. Why not," said John Matarese of Medford.

Hawley-Dolan said she appreciates the extra layer of protection since her daughter is too young for the vaccine.

"We're more worried and a little more concerned with people out and about shopping and so the more folks who can be protected with masks is great," she said.

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