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United States Environmental Protection Agency


What does Supreme Court's EPA decision mean?

The Supreme Court limited the EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gases from power plants, saying the agency exceeded its power under the 1970 Clean Air Act, which was written before climate change was an issue. The ruling puts the ball in Congress' court to update the 52-year-old law, a setback for the Biden administration's efforts to tackle climate change. Robert Percival, director of the environmental law program at the University of Maryland, joined "CBS News Mornings" to discuss.


Environmental racism in the U.S.

The ongoing social unrest over police brutality has underscored other injustices, like environmental racism. CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli speaks with a resident of Cancer Alley -- home to more than 150 chemical plants -- about his fight for unpolluted air. and Peggy Shepard, the founder of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, joins CBSN to discuss why President Trump's decision to roll back parts of NEPA could be detrimental to some communities of color.

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