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Robert F. Kennedy


Iconic photos from RFK's funeral train

Fifty years ago this week, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated moments after winning the California Democratic presidential primary. Following his funeral in New York, Kennedy’s body was carried by train to Washington, D.C. Along the way, thousands of mourners lined the tracks to pay their final respects. That train trip is enshrined in the memories of those who witnessed it and is the subject of a special photo exhibit on display now in New York. Vladimir Duthiers reports.


RFK Jr. reflects on father's assassination

Americans are marking this week's 50th anniversary of the death of Robert F. Kennedy. The senator and presidential candidate was assassinated minutes after winning California's 1968 Democratic primary. His son, Robert Kennedy Jr., visited his father's gravesite Wednesday at Arlington National Cemetery. The younger Kennedy spoke with Michelle Miller about his father's legacy and why he thinks his father "would be disappointed" by today's political landscape.


Pete Hamill's letter to RFK

In the early days of 1968 Robert F. Kennedy announced he would not run for the Democratic nomination for president, inspiring writer Pete Hamill to pen a letter pleading with the New York Senator to reconsider: "You should run because if you won, the country might be saved … I don't think we can afford five summers of blood." In this web exclusive, Hamill reads his letter to correspondent Jim Axelrod, and also recalls witnessing the assassination of RFK a few months later.

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