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Face The Nation: Warnock, Montoya-Galvez, Vinograd

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on...Sen. Raphael Warnock tells "Face the Nation" that he believes that "Georgia voters are going to do for Joe Biden what they did for me" and go blue again in 2020, in an exclusive interview with CBS News' Camilo Montoya-Galvez, U.S. Border Patrol chief Jason Owens said the situation at the southern border is a "national security threat", and Samantha Vinograd, a CBS News contributor and former counterterrorism official for the Department of Homeland Security in the Biden and Obama administrations tells "Face the Nation" that when she worked with the agency, they "were concerned about the threat that ISIS-K posed to American interests and to the homeland."


ISIS-K leader killed by the Taliban

Senior administration officials tell CBS News the ISIS-K leader behind the deadly 2021 attack at the Kabul airport has been killed by the Taliban. The bombing, during the U.S. withdrawal of Afghanistan, killed 13 Americans and more than 100 Afghan civilians. Brett Bruen, president of the Global Situation Room and former director of global engagement at the White House joined Anne-Marie Green on "CBS News Mornings" to discuss the development.

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