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Woman Found Guilty In 2017 Fatal Hit-And-Run Crash In Ross Twp.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A woman accused of causing a fatal hit-and-run crash in Ross Township in 2017 has been found guilty.

All 12 jurors found Melinda Gregor guilty of the charge accidents involving death or personal injury. Gregor was very emotional when the verdict came down. She was crying and wiping her nose with a tissue.

"It's tough for everybody," Joseph Menner said.

Tough is an understatement for the victim's father, Joseph Menner. His son Michael Menner, 50, has been gone for close to a year and a half.

"It was Dec. 17, 2017, and his birthday would've been Jan. 17. One month later," Joseph Menner said.

Police said Menner was attempting to cross Babcock Boulevard in Ross Township on a dark, rainy night when he was hit by a white subaru, the car Melinda Gregor, now 30, was driving.

"I thought from day one she was telling the truth. She went on the stand and said she just thought she hit a deer. We had an independent witness that said she thought she hit a deer," defense attorney Phil DiLucente said.

While Gregor's attorney said he's disappointed by the verdict, he went on to say the jury has spoken.

"The jury was not looking at who's fault this was. It was just whether she stopped and called the authorities," DiLucente said.

The commonwealth said Gregor had a responsibility to go back to the scene, and decided not to.

"I'm telling you, my client would not hurt a fly and had she even knew she had hurt a human being, she not only [would have] stopped but she would've also called," DiLucente said.

Despite the verdict, Joseph Menner said he also feels compassion.

"We feel sorry for their family as well as ours," Joseph Menner said.

Gregor is scheduled to be sentenced July 24.

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