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Extraordinary Frozen Art: Wind And Water Combine To Create Stunning Ice Sculptures Along Lake Erie

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (KDKA) -- Combine an arctic blast of cold air, add water from Lake Erie, top it off with some wind and you get some stunning natural made ice sculptures that you have to see to believe.

Photo Credit: Noah Harrison

The shores of Lake Erie have been transformed into some sort of mystical ice fairy tale land thanks to mother nature.

Photo Credit: Noah Harrison

Winds kicked up water that splashed and froze onto anything it could reach, docks, piers, light posts, even navigational buoys.

Noah Harrison took this incredible photos Monday at Miller Road Park in Avon Lake, that's about 30 miles west of Cleveland.


"Awesome pictures," commented one person on social media. "Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean....only frozen."

Since the creations started appearing, the pier and shores of the lake have become a destination for photographers.

Photo Credit: Noah Harrison

Harrison's photos have been shared thousands of times already on social media.

Photo Credit: Noah Harrison

"Thought for a second the White Walkers were here," commented another user.

Photo Credit: Noah Harrison

The cold weather is also responsible for other natural wonders along Lake Erie, including in the lake.

Photo Credit: Noah Harrison

The Lorain Lighthouse posted pictures on Twitter Monday of what looks like pancakes, or frozen jelly fish.

The natural phenomenon is reportedly caused when ice chunks start to form, and then are blown by arctic winds and bump into each other.

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