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Pony League World Series to bring thousands of visitors and millions of dollars to Washington County

KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (6/19)
KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (6/19) 03:19

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) -- Washington County leaders are getting ready for the Pony League World Series, which brings in lots of money for the county.  

The Pony League World Series is a big deal for teams that come from around the nation and around the world. It's also a big deal for Washington County when it comes to tourism dollars. 

Washington County officials say when it comes to big venues, they admit they're not Pittsburgh. 

"We don't have an NFL stadium, a large convention center or grand museums," said Washington County Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Kotula. 

But what Washington County has is the Pony League World Series, and like the outfield at Lew Hays Pony Field, it means a lot of green. 

"Pony Baseball and this series itself contributes $5.8 -- nearly $6 million per year in economic impact to our economy alone," said Kotula.  

Ten teams from around the world will travel to Washington County for Pony League's greatest prize. But the teams aren't just bringing along bats and gloves, they're bringing scores of parents, coaches and others.

"It attracts over 30,000 people a year," Kotula said. 

The Pony League World Series has been around for 70 years with the last 40 being played in Washington County.

"Since that time, we've all worked together to ensure that this series, this summer classic, remains strong and continues growing," Kotula said. 

If you are interested in watching any of the Pony League World Series, it runs from Aug. 9-14. 

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