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A new voicemail scam is targeting people in the Pittsburgh area. Here's what you need to know.

Voicemail scam tries to scare victims about fake tax debt
Voicemail scam tries to scare victims about fake tax debt 02:39

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A new voicemail scam is hoping to trick you into giving away your personal information.

If it has not already happened, your phone will likely ring. But a scammer is on the other line. L. Renee Miller, of Brackenridge, did not answer at first, but the voicemail intrigued her. 

"I'm calling because it looks like you might have outstanding taxes on your record," the voicemail said. 

"I was like, what are they talking about?" Miller said. "So, like I know that I don't know taxes. But just the way of the wording in the voicemail made me like stop and think."

It's a new scam voicemail trying to steal your personal information and trick you into believing you owe money. But Miller confronted the caller offering the "new zero tax program" and he hung up.

"Being a nurse and knowing that even like patients in the hospital, the elderly, people who maybe not have 100 percent of all their faculties really need an advocate," Miller said. 

Simply delete the message and forget about it. KDKA-TV Investigates called the number back. 

Once KDKA-TV's Meghan Schiller told the caller she did not have outstanding tax debt, he admitted to not having anything more than her name and number. 

"Who put me on your records then saying I have tax debt?" KDKA-TV's Meghan Schiller asked.

"I would have no way of knowing that, but your number was added," the caller said. "It may have been a typo, but if you don't need any assistance or relief, I'll go ahead and get it updated and get it removed for you."

"So does your system say I have outstanding tax debt or you're just getting people to call you?" KDKA-TV's Meghan Schiller asked. 

"All I have is your name so I wouldn't have any of that information. You have a good day," the caller said before hanging up. 

Remember, the IRS will never call you. If you still owe taxes, you'll receive a letter instead. 

The Better Business Bureau said to report any of these phone calls.

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