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Utility rates due to increase across Pennsylvania starting today

Utility rates increasing across Pennsylvania today
Utility rates increasing across Pennsylvania today 02:14

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Beginning today, many will be paying much more for their electric bills. 

Energy costs are increasing by as much as 50 percent across Pennsylvania. 

That's tough news to hear, especially on a morning like today when the chill is on and you want to have your heat pumping. 

So, how can you save even as rates rise? 

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is saying that prices are going up for gas and electric bills for all state-regulated electric utilities. 

The reason being is distribution and supply charges which make up anywhere from 40-60 percent of utility bills. 

Here in the Pittsburgh area, Duquesne Light customers will see an estimated 20 percent increase from roughly nine cents to 11 cents. Penn Power and West Penn Power customers will increase only a fraction of a percentage, while Wellsboro Electric will see the largest increase at 34 percent. 

Other major public utilities around the country have been adjusting prices over the past several months, as well. 

The best way to save this winter, according to experts, is to pay attention to the thermostat. Every degree you raise or lower the temperature could impact costs by up to three percent. Another way to save is to have your furnace serviced, insulated, and seal leaks around your home. 

Lastly, if you are struggling to pay, reach out to the utilities for help - some have lower-rate programs that can help. 

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