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Simple Device Helping To Relieve People's Pain, Tension

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Imagine being able to get relief from migraine pain and even muscle spasms in the comfort of your own home.

People claim they are healing themselves with devices so simple you can even make them on your own.

Karen Steele travels a lot, and because of that, she's suffered for years from shoulder, neck and back pain. But now, when she's on the go, she brings a device along for relief.

"It's very convenient and easy to pack," said Steele. "It helps to maintain my good health when I'm away, as well as to relax me."

When she puts it under her head, Steele says the device targets pressure points that relieve tension in tissues that cause her pain.

She says the end result is similar to CranioSacral Therapy, where therapists use a light touch on the head, neck and body to relieve pain and improve overall health.

"Most people do experience deep relaxation, as well as reduction of pain and increase in energy," said Lynn Mabry, a chiropractor.

The at-home device claims to give similar results.

People who use it claim they can relieve everything from migraines to muscle spasms and can even boost the immune system.

Some pain specialists agree it can work.

"What I think it does is treat the muscles, treat sore or tight muscles at the back of the head and provide some trigger point relief," said Dr. Donald Glick, a pain specialist.

Dr. Glick says you can even make your own device by simply putting two tennis balls in a sock.

"You just tie off the end with a rubber band and they can use that to provide the same kind of pressure," he said.

When Steele's not traveling, she also works with a trained CranioSacral therapist.

But she says the at-home device plays an important role in her treatment.

"I use the still point to continue the good work of a therapist and the body's natural healing process," said Steele.

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