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Moraine State Regatta Fills Void Of Canceled Pittsburgh Regatta

MORAINE STATE PARK (KDKA) -- The parking lots filled quickly with thousands of people attending the Moraine State Park Regatta.

It's the annual event scheduled on the same weekend as the now-canceled Pittsburgh Regatta.

"We were disappointed for all those people that already had those weekend plans to go to the city and enjoy the regatta, but we figured they might be looking for something to do in the sun, it's a fantastic weekend," said Amanda Becker from the Moraine State Regatta.

Some who were planning to attend the regatta in Pittsburgh say it's a good alternative.

"I enjoy the water and what's going on up here," said Billy Hazel, an attendee.

After Brett Hutchison saw that the Pittsburgh Regatta was canceled, he made plans to attend the regatta taking place up north.

"I saw on Facebook, KDKA posted about the regatta canceling and had to come here to make up for it," he said.

There are no speedboats and no "Anything That Floats" competition but this regatta is all about people getting closer to nature.

L.L. Bean is offering children and adults first-time kayak and paddleboard safety and operating instructions before they took to the waters of Lake Arthur.

"I'm just excited my parents have kayaks and I've seen them using them before," said Noah Demitras, one of the kids learning to kayak at the regatta.

Emma Demitras was excited to try kayaking for the first time.

"I've seen a lot of people doing it and it just looks fun," she said.

For L.L. Bean, it's all about growing a love of being on the water.

"It's about giving people access and if we can give some young people access, maybe they'll think 'Hey, I love this, I want to do this again,'" said Steve Johnson of L.L. Bean.

The two-day regatta is also offering sailboat lessons and a section of the lake has been cornered off for swimming.

Pets are also welcome so they can compete in the "Dock Dogs" competition.

Just like the Pittsburgh Regatta, there's a lot of good food and will conclude with a fireworks display.

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