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Holiday Gift Ideas For Bosses And Co-workers

Picking out an appropriate, affordable and appreciated office holiday gift doesn’t have to require stress, hours at the mall or re-gifting. There are loads of simple and no-fail options that work well for coworkers and bosses, no matter what your gift recipient’s interests are. Consider useful gifts for your busy-as-a-bee boss or treat hardworking co-workers to something you know they’d never buy for themselves. If, however, the thought of an office holiday gift exchange is still stressing you out, let these five suggestions serve as your office gift guide.

Practical Yet Pretty Planner

A new planner provides a jump start on getting thoughts and plans organized for the coming year is an ideal gift for the boss or coworker who handles it all. Skip those cheaply bound notebook-style ones in exchange for a more fine-tuned organizer. StartPlanner, for instance, allows you to shop by your recipient’s organizational needs and includes planners geared toward projects, schedules, health, finances, goals, to-do items, meal planning and more. The brand Happy Planner offers similar layouts that range in price from $20 to $35 as well as a Happy Planner 12 Month Box Kit valued between $35 and $40.

Toasty Touchscreen Gloves

If your boss always has a smartphone in hand, responding to emails and scheduling upcoming work meetings, a pair of toasty touchscreen gloves is a pragmatic present. For around $10, you can pick up a pair of Uniqlo Heattech wool knit gloves in a festive design. Special conductive threading throughout the index finger and thumb enable operation of touchscreen devices without sacrificing warm hands. Package them with several exothermic crystallization self-warming reusable hand warmers for a handy gift that’s less than $20.

Decadent and Delicious Desserts

For a chocaholic co-worker, pick up some beautifully packaged sweet treats. Select gourmet chocolates that you know she wouldn’t typically splurge on for herself. Small items like petit fours, cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, raspberry cups or truffles, fit wonderfully in a seasonal gift box. If you want to gift a more indulgent surprise, the region’s iconic Oakmont Bakery regularly offers holiday-themed desserts and cookies, including several decorated administrative-themed cakes and seasonal cookies cakes, sweet rolls and cookie trays in an array of dozen sizes.

Desktop Accessories Gift Basket

Some days the only thing that can get you through the workday is a sense of humor. Add a little fun to your boss or coworkers’ office space with by putting together a small gift basket filled with humorous and cool desktop accessories. A couple of ideas to include are a quirky desk accessory holder, a countdown to retirement clock, a desktop golf game for the sports lover, a portable charger and notepads. Chances are your boss already has plenty of traditional office necessities filling his desk, so try to find unconventional and eclectic accessories. Be sure to gauge your boss’s level of humor though before including gifts that may be considered too snarky or inappropriate for the workplace.

Holiday Spirits

The holidays are a time to drink and be merry. For the boss who loves a good merlot or the whisky aficionado co-worker, you can't go wrong with a good bottle of a favorite wine or spirit. Your local Fine Wine & Good Spirits has a great selection of wines, champagne and spirits of all varieties. Not sure what to choose? Check out their gift giving guide on the websitepick up a gift card or, for an extra special gift, gift bottles of wine with personalized labels.

Coffee or Tea Sets

A caffeinated employee is a productive employee. Coffee and tea sets make great gifts for when you just don’t know what to give and are a safe gender-neutral present for workplace gift exchanges. Tea samplers from Heavenly Tea Leaves, Bigelow or Ahmad Tea come with a variety of flavors so your recipient can enjoy a range of tastes. For coffee-lovers, stick to K-Cup variety packs that fit conveniently in your briefcase or pocket for easy transport to the break room Keurig. Include a festive mug or monogrammed teacup for a complete gift.

Post Author: Jessica Wasik.


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