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Hero Cat Saves Washington Co. Family From Fire

WASHINGTON COUNTY (KDKA) -- Everything about this fire had disaster written all over it, but because of an animal with nine lives, three human lives were saved.

The front of the Main Street Taylorstown home is a burnt smoldering wreck, after early morning flames ran through the small wooden home.

"We got the initial call at 3:58 in the morning and fire was coming out the front," said Josh McDonough with the Taylorstown Volunteer Fire Department. "These older houses are dry, they go up like matchbox."

This one did, and inside were two adults and a child – so close to the fire, seemingly doomed.

"They were about 4 to 5 feet from where it started," said McDonough.

But just when it seemed hopeless, a noise came from the building smoke – not a child cry, not an alarm blare. The audible warning was: meow.

"Woman got woke up by a cat," McDonough said. "I've heard dogs but never a cat."

But it was a feline that stirred the woman. She in turn woke everyone else all escaped with seconds to spare. What started it all, investigators already know

"As far as right now, it's electrical," McDonough said.

They also know the family survived.

"All because of the cat," McDonough said.

And yes, the hero kitty made it out as well.

"I'd keep that cat forever," McDonough said.

The home is completely destroyed, but as for the three people living in the house, the Red Cross is now helping them.

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