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Duquesne police warn residents of missing python

Pet python missing in Duquesne
Pet python missing in Duquesne 01:11

OCT. 7 UPDATE: The snake has been found. 

DUQUESNE, Pa. (KDKA) — Duquesne police are warning residents about a python that's on the loose in the city.

There's the movie "Snakes on a Plane." Now there's a snake in Duquesne, and police said it's someone's pet. 

"I wouldn't like having a snake in my yard, you'd want to find it," said Dan Shanley, whose son owns the snake.  

Shanley said his son collapsed while holding it on a walk Wednesday afternoon near State Street and Mehaffey Street. Since then, the snake, named Gene Simmons, has been missing.  

Duquesne police are warning residents about a pet python that's on the loose in the city. (Photo: Joe Shanley)

"Where the snake went from there I don't know. We looked all last night," Shanley said.  

Jaishson Jones witnessed the incident. After the snake took off, he went back home.   

"I don't think you should be concerned, but I think it should still be searched for," Jones told KDKA. 

Duquesne Police said the snake is between 5 to 7 feet long. With the warm weather, they realize people will be outside. They recommend keeping an eye out for it, especially around small pets and kids.  

"The only animals I've ever seen get loose in the neighborhood are cats and dogs," Jones said.  

The Shanleys say the snake is harmless but realize it could be scary for people. They hope it is found soon. It's a beloved pet to their son.  

Police warn residents of missing python in Duquesne 02:45

"It's just the fact you have people who are elderly, and they're worried about having a snake out there," Shanley said.  

Christopher Estes, president of the Eastern Area Reptile Society, said there are challenges in finding a missing snake.

"It's like a needle in a haystack," Estes said. "It can be tough even though it has an all-white distinguish look to it with no pattern. All we can do is keep looking."

The news caught the attention of Estes, who has been looking in bushes, storm drains and the woods.

"It's a bald python approximately 4 to 5 feet," Estes said. "It's non-venomous. They go by vibration. They don't have ears. He's probably just in a quiet hole somewhere." 

Police said they haven't had any sightings, but they have had people calling in concerned about it. If you do see it, call Duquesne police. They will send out an officer, or animal control will take care of it.  

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