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Daisy Haggard On Being 'Back To Life's Creator, Co-Writer And Star: 'It's A Huge Privelege'

(CBS) - Daisy Haggard brings Back To Life back to Showtime starting today in the U.S. Season two is now available in its entirety with all six episodes ready to stream.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Haggard about season two, wearing so many hats during production and what it's like to put yourself out there when creating your own show.

MW: Daisy, hello! How does it to feel have Back To Life back in action for your fans?


DH: It feels great. It feels really lucky to have the opportunity to revisit the characters to take them to the next spot of their wild journey. 


MW: When you got the news that there was going to be a second season, what was your reaction, how excited were you?


DH: Laura [Solon] and I were really, really happy. We've been sort of chatting about where we wanted to take Miri in the next part of the story. We felt quite ready. We felt ready to write it. We got into the flow with season one and now we want to have some fun!


MW: And all six episodes will be available on September 13th, the fans can stream all of it. What does that feel like as a creator that you can put everything out there all at once and be like here you are, enjoy it...


DH: It's quite nice, really. In the UK I noticed that loads of people are trying to do two a night, but actually most people are eating it all at once. It's quite nice to think they are all staying up too late and really tired for work because you've been funny. It's fun. It's nice.


MW: Has anyone asked you for a permission slip for their boss, sorry I'm tired today...


DH: Somebody did.


MW: Oh really, wow. [Laughs] that's amazing. Did you respond?


DH: I haven't done it yet, but I will. [Laughs]


MW: And speaking of jobs you're working three on this show. You're the creator, the co-writer, and the star of the series. What's it like wearing all those hats?


DH: It's great. It's a huge privilege to be able to wear those hats. I've always wanted to wear those hats. I really enjoy all the elements. When you've got lovely producers and director and people around you, which we're so lucky to have, people supporting you, they make your job so much easier. I could so fluidly swap hats without it feeling too stressful.


MW: The show has gotten such great feedback from critics and the fans, how good does it feel that this thing that you created, that's like your baby, has been so positively received?


DH: It feels amazing. I don't think I'll ever not be terrified if I write a show. It's terrifying the day before it comes out, you think, why on earth have I done this. I'm never doing it again. What a terrible day and then you get some nice feedback and then you're like oh, it's a huge relief. It's just fun to watch people enjoy it.


MW: That's really interesting, you really are like exposing a part of yourself by putting this out there...


DH: Yeah, and this show is strange. It's really dark. It's really silly.  It's definitely bold, so you do have a moment before it comes out where you're like [deep breath] [laughs]. Yeah, relief is the thing.


MW: For all the fans that are excited to watch the new season, what words do you have for them? What do they have to look forward to?


DH: This season, the parents of the girl Miri murdered, or Miri killed should I say, are back in town. We make her life even harder and even more complicated than you can possibly imagine.


MW: Looking forward to eating all six of those episodes. Daisy, thank you so much, it's been a pleasure to talk to you, and all the best!


DH: Thanks so much!

Catch season two of Back To Life, available now on Showtime.

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