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2 Dog Attacks Investigated In Kittanning

KITTANNING (KDKA) -- Two separate dog attacks are under investigating in Kittanning, Armstrong County. In one instance, a child was attacked, and in the other, a small dog was killed.

Stacy Baczynski says her Bulldog-German Shepard mixed breed dog is protective of her Johnston Avenue home. It's one reason why she doesn't let anyone inside when she's not home.

The 3-year-old dog, which bit a mail carrier a few months ago, is now quarantined after he bit a 9-year-old's arm Friday.

"The kid had followed my friend's son into the house, and was told not to come in, and my dog bit him," said Baczynski.

The child who left Children's hospital on Tuesday after undergoing surgery is expected to be okay.

Baczynski says she reached out to the child's parents even though she doesn't know them or their son and offered to put her dog down. The 9-year-old's family declined to comment, but a family friend who says her dog was killed on Sunday by a different dog did.

"No child should have to go through that, and no one should go through that, and no one should see their little dog mauled to death by three vicious dogs," said Lide Grates.

Grates lives on Hawthorne Avenue, which is just a few blocks away from the first reported attack.

She says her 10-year-old Furby had only been outside for three minutes on his dog run when a neighbor's trio of Pit Bulls got out of their yard and attacked.

The dog's owner says while her one Pit Bull did bite the Maltese, she's not convinced it killed the dog.

"How do I know it's proof that it was my dog?" said Charlotte Hartman, the owner of the Pit Bulls. "I never saw no pictures. He had a knife out there, when she left the yard that dog was still breathing, getting up and moving, so he could've stabbed it for all I know."

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