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The Pulse of CBS Philadelphia: Sept. 18-22

The Pulse of CBS Philadelphia: Sept. 18-22
The Pulse of CBS Philadelphia: Sept. 18-22 02:00

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- This week, Philadelphia police and kids marched for peace and marched for change in Fairhill to fight against gun violence, we continue the investigation of why school districts in Pennsylvania continue to struggle with funding with unfair ruling, and weekend anchor Aziza Shuler opened up to us about a personal story.

Here's what our team worked on this week: 

Philadelphia police, kids march in Fairhill to end gun violence

Marching for peace, marching for change.

On Tuesday, kids and Philadelphia police walked side by side to show their strength in the fight against gun violence in the city.

Community organizations are looking to make an impact on young people with sports for support.

Shootings are affecting younger and younger people in the city. According to Philadelphia police, 140 kids have been shot so far in 2023.

A few hundred kids rallied to take a stand against gun violence and had a little fun while doing it.

"Do more with less": Why PA school districts continue to struggle with funding despite unfair ruling

For generations, funding for public schools in Pennsylvania hasn't been fair, according to a major court decision and data from the Department of Education. It's a case of the haves and the have-nots.

School is back at Evans Elementary School in Yeadon, and it's another year where the district will struggle to make ends meet.

"We need all the things," Nicole Miller said.

Miller has taught kindergarten for 20 years. She also graduated from the William Penn School District.

It's no secret that money is tight and teaching essentials are scarce, leaving Miller to compensate.

Showing my true self to the world with alopecia: "I wanted to be free, I feel liberated"

A member of our CBS News Philadelphia family, weekend anchor Aziza Shuler, has been hiding something about herself for years. But not anymore. She's ready to open up to us about a story personal to her.

How I look is an important part of my job. The makeup, wardrobe, all under the lights in the studio  It's an effort to look perfect when I come on your TV screen to bring you the news.

RELATED: Beauty of being bald: Women in Philadelphia speak about balding due to alopecia

But perfection isn't just a part of my job. I've spent much of my life trying to be perfect and that involved hiding two big secrets in my life.

One is that I have alopecia, it's an auto-immune disease that's caused all of my hair to fall out. I wear a wig every day. But I've come to realize this isn't me. I've decided, I want you all to know the real me and how it all started.

CBS News Philadelphia's Aziza Shuler opens up about personal story 04:59
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