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Aziza Shuler

Aziza Shuler CBS News Philadelphia

Aziza Shuler is an Emmy award-winning journalist. She truly believes everyone has a story, and she's most passionate about giving a voice to the underdogs, forgotten, and overlooked people in our communities.

Aziza is known for her character-driven enterprise reporting. She has a varied background covering everything from local/breaking news, education, sports, arts & culture, and health. In 2022, Aziza was tapped to fill-in as Spectrum Network's Capitol Hill political correspondent. She spent several months following the war in Ukraine, President Joe Biden's first State of the Union address, and the president's nomination of the first Black woman to the SCOTUS, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Aziza began her career in Yuma, Ariz. It was in Yuma where she learned the power of humanizing the news. It's where she won her first Emmy® for her team's work detailing the reality of immigration at the Southern border during the Trump Administration. It's no small feat to get so much accomplished while surviving the triple digit temperatures and remaining vegan in a beautiful city full of delicious Mexican food.

Aziza attributes her grit and confidence as a journalist to her upbringing in Washington, D.C., and overcoming a childhood in the foster care system. She says her invaluable life experiences inspired her to become a role model and mentor to the youth. Aziza attended UCLA, and graduated with a B.S. degree in Communications from St. John's University in New York City. 

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