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CBS3 Awards Temple Journalism Student Nicolle Majette With First Trudy Haynes Scholarship

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - This Women's History Month, Eyewitness News is helping the next generation of women make their mark. Earlier this month, CBS3 along with the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, awarded the first Trudy Haynes Scholarship.

It was a big surprise, that started with CBS3's Janelle Burrell going to Annenberg Hall at Temple University to give graduating senior Nicolle Majette the special news.

Anchor Janelle Burrell: I'm wondering Nicolle, do you have any idea why we're here today?

With a gift, we hope will help propel her as she begins her next chapter.

This 21-year-old has been a standout television journalism student at Temple.

One of her professors, Peter Jaroff, said Majette impressed him with her ability to tackle the toughest assignments.

"I wouldn't know what to do with that story as a reporter if I got that handed to me," Temple University Assistant Professor Peter Jaroff said. "She always comes back with something, and it's always really good."

"So to be completely honest, I did not know I wanted to do journalism until I stepped through those doors," Majette said.

Majette has thrived, becoming president of TABJ -- Temple Association of Black Journalists -- and meeting Trudy Haynes, Philadelphia's first Black television journalist.

"Because of her, I know one day there will be a long list of firsts right next to my name," Majette said.

Majette was right-- she was the winner of the very first CBS3 Trudy Haynes Scholarship for $10,000.

Anchor Janelle Burrell: We are so excited today to present you with this check! you are the winner!

Ernest Owens, president of Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, said Majette was the perfect choice.

"Her work with TABJ as the president, her investment and interest in PABJ, the passion that she puts into her media projects that she does on campus, and her overall love of the industry," Owens said.

Anchor Janelle Burrell: Any ideas what you'll use it for?

Nicolle Majette: First paying off school! 

Anchor Janelle Burrell: I know Miss Trudy. She is going to be watching this. What do you have to say to her?

Nicolle Majette: Thank you! Thank you for having me be the recipient of this award, and I'm just lucky I got to meet her and see the amazing work she has done.

Now part of the next generation of journalists, continuing a legacy of making a difference.

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