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Former DA Seth Williams Moved To Midwest Federal Prison

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The city's former district attorney has been moved to a Midwest federal prison, after spending several months in a small Philadelphia prison cell, following his plea agreement with the government.

Seth Williams has been moved to a prison in Oklahoma City -- for now -- but his defense team believes he'll be moved to Morgantown, West Virginia to finish out his five-year prison term.

Williams was taken straight to prison in October, after pleading guilty to one bribery charge in a 29-count corruption indictment, and admitted wrong-doing to the rest of the counts.

During his sentence hearing, Williams' defense attorneys asked the former top prosecutor briefly be allowed out of prison to see his ailing mother, but a judge denied the request.

Morgantown is a minimum-security prison, about a five-hour drive from Philadelphia.

Williams' release date is set for November of 2021.


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