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Eagles make history with unique final score in win over Tampa Bay

Excited at PHL as Eagles fans head to Tamps for Monday night game
Excitement at PHL as Eagles fans head to Tamps for Monday night game 02:06

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Eagles' win on Monday night may not have been as dominant as some fans would've hoped, but it was historic in one way.

The Eagles defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a score of 25-11. That's the first game in NFL history -- which covers more than 16,000 games to date -- to end with that exact final score. This phenomenon has come to be known as "scorigami."

The term was coined by journalist and filmmaker Jon Bois to describe what he, in a 2016 video, calls, "the art of building final scores that have never happened before in NFL history." There's a Twitter account with more than 400,000 followers devoted to not only making fans aware of when a scorigami has happened, but also tracking which games in progress have the best chance of ending in scorigami.

Monday marked the 81st time the Eagles have been part of a game ending in scorigami, the 8th most in NFL history. They have a 34-46-1 record in such games. The Birds have had better luck since 2001, winning nine of the 12 scorigami games of which they've been a part.

2023 is already looking like a big year for scorigami. While just four games ended in scorigami in 2022, there have already been three in 2023. Monday night's game wasn't even the first this week, as the Miami Dolphins' 70-20 shellacking of the Denver Broncos was also a unique score line.

The league has averaged about 7 scorigami games per year over the ten full seasons from 2013 to 2022. The biggest season for scorigami in the last 50 years was 1998, when 17 games ended in unique scores.

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