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Without Jets, Super Bowl Ticket Prices Slump

NEW YORK (Boston Herald / WFAN) - Fans weren't the only ones disappointed when the Jets fell to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game on Sunday. Ticket sellers for the big game in Dallas were just as upset.

The Jets' elimination reduced the average cost of Super Bowl XLV tickets by thousands of dollars.

"If the Jets were in this game, tickets would be running anywhere from $3,500 to $15,000 per seat compared to where they are now at $2,500 to $10,000," said James Holzman, president and founder of Ace Ticket. "The Jets were the ultimate because they haven't been in (the Super Bowl) for 40 years, since the days of Joe Namath."

Michael Janes, chief executive officer of, said while they are seeing a record number of searches for Super Bowl seats, average prices have dropped since the playoffs.

"Super Bowl prices started at $5,000 because clearly Chicago (Bears) and the Jets fans were bullish," he said.

But after both the Bears and Jets were eliminated on Sunday, Janes said, suddenly there were lots of those fans who put their tickets on the market. He's convinced that prices and hype would have been twice as much had the Bears and Jets made it to the Super Bowl.

LISTEN: Green Bay Packers lineman Clay Matthews on the difficulties of getting Super Bowl tickets for friends and family.


How much would you spend on a Super Bowl ticket if your team was playing? Give us a number in the comments below.

NFL Ticket Exchange Super Bowl XLV Ticket Data (current as of Jan. 26, 2011)

Nearly 2,300 Super Bowl XLV tickets are currently available on the NFL Ticket Exchange, the official resale marketplace of the NFL

Ticket Prices from $2,381 - $22,729

Low $2,381 – Section 433, Upper Level, End Zone

High $22,729 – Section C136, Lower Level, Mid Field

Average Ticket Price (sold) - $3,560.18

Highest Ticket Price (sold) - $15,946.34

% of Super Bowl XLV tickets sold by US state
1. Texas 25.9%
2. Wisconsin 7.4%
3. Pennsylvania 7.2%
4. California 6.7%
5. Florida 3.9%
6. Illinois 3.3%
7.Georgia 2.9%
8. New York 2.5%
All Other 40.2%

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