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Winter-Weary New Yorkers To Mother Nature: 'No More Please'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- If you are exhausted from all the cold and snow, you are not alone.

As CBS 2's Cindy Hsu reported Wednesday, there is no escaping the winter storm set to strike the area Thursday morning. But many have still said enough is enough, and are dreaming about spring.

On the Upper West Side, some cars were buried in rocklike formations of ice and snow more than halfway up the driver's side front door.

"Oh my God," said Illene Moriarty of the Upper West Side. "I was thinking another foot of snow, I'd better try to chop off the cement, because I'll never be able to find it."

Others have had it with the ice everywhere.

"I'm worried about the elderly slipping on the ice, like my loved ones," said Vicki Aini of Brooklyn.

And some residents are annoyed enough to skipping town altogether.

"No more please," said Lorin Latarro of the Upper West Side. "I'm getting on a plane to go to Puerto Rico this weekend. We booked a trip."

But the horses who pull carriages through Central Park, and the dogs who must take walks outside several times a day, cannot very easily book flights and skip town.

Dog walker Mitch Aldarondo was carrying a dog Wednesday afternoon.

"She doesn't like the cold weather," he said.

And parents such as Massiel DeCamps say strollers and piled-up snow don't mix.

"Sometimes we have to go a few streets down to avoid, like, all the mounds of snow and then go around," DeCamps said. "It's really a pain in the butt."

"I have to take the kids to school every day," added Clare Qiu. "So it's really tough, you know, the commute is so terrible."

But Simone, 5, said her friends – a pair of stuffed toy lambs she calls Mimi and Fluffy Mimi – keep her warm. She said the stuffed toys like the snow, and she does too.

And Charles Feisel of Glen Cove had a reality check.

"I just got back from Chicago, where it was 17 below without wind chill," he said. "So for me, it's like Miami Beach here on the Upper West Side.

Feisel was not exaggerating. CBS Chicago reported the mercury in Chicago plunged to minus 16 at O'Hare International Airport back on Jan. 6.

Meanwhile back on the Upper West Side, David Scalza created some creatures that look vaguely like snowmen with the ice piled up in front of his apartment. One of the ice creatures is adorned in colorful orbs and has "love' etched into it.

Scalza said the sculptures are a message to everyone who's sick of the snow.

"I wanted them to pause a little bit to say, appreciate winter," he said. "Winter's here. Just live with it, people!"

And to end on a sunny note, spring is technically just a few weeks away. And with a summer that is supposed to be hotter than ever, we may all be looking back fondly on this winter when the air conditioner breaks down in mid-July.

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