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Benefits Of A Brutal Winter Storm? On Long Island It's Park Snow Ramps And Backyard Luge

WOODBURY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The more than a foot of snow dumped across much of Long Island made for a winter wonderland on Tuesday for kids, many of whom had the day off from school, or took time off between remote studies.

It's not one of New York's high peaks, but in the eyes of 7-year-old Kevin Neglia, it's giant fun.

"I go down the hill, jump over the ramp," Kevin told CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff.

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The "ramps" of Syosset-Woodbury Park were explained by 10-year-old Cole Swanson.

"People come here and they build ramps, so we get to go over them. It's so much fun," Cole said.

Park snow ramps
(Photo: CBS2)

As most were hunkering down, kids like these were plotting their escape, a welcome break from screen time and a delightful dose of normalcy.

"Get off the screen, get outside, have fun, enjoy the fresh air," mother Beth Swanson said.

"Spending time as a family. This is the stuff that they will remember," another mom said.

"They've had it real hard this year, a lot of kids, anxiety, and so it's good to get them out playing and having fun," one man said.

The kids agreed. It was better than school.

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Then there are those who take their frozen fun to the extreme. Ever hear of backyard luge?

The Boehms and Spillanes, next-door neighbors in Rockville Centre, collaborate every winter to construct a dream come true for their combined seven kids, and friends.

"We take a snowblower and we blow all the snow into the backyard and then we shape the course into this big hill and we see how far we can get the kids from the backyard all the way out to the driveway," backyard luge creator Justin Spillane said.

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It's a narrow, banked track with turns and bumps and mounting steps.

"The men spend hours manicuring and watering down, so that the kids can go faster each year," Jennifer Boehm said.

"It kind of hard to find fun things to do nowadays, so it's good that they are outside in the fresh air having fun at their house," Allison Spillane said.

It is a lot of work, and the joy seems to be in the creation and in the fun, while it lasts.

In a heap of white stuff, there is a silver lining and an important mission.

"Have fun."


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