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Who to Avoid in Fantasy Football This Year

Fantasy football is 50% skill, 50% luck and 13% stupid statistics that don't add up properly. Each year a first round draft pick becomes a bust, and a backup running back that no one drafted Arian Foster's someone to their league championship. There are bound to be dips and disappointments from last year; let's sift through the hundreds of potential picks and take a look at those players primed for mediocrity this season.

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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Dwayne Bowe - WR, Chiefs

A combination of one of the hardest schedules in the league and the Chiefs running the ball more than any other team in the league will lead to a drop in Bowe's numbers this season. The Chiefs also welcome rookie receiver Jonathan Baldwin and the now-healthy Dexter McCluster back to their potent offense, which helps the Chiefs, but not Bowe's fantasy projection.

Jay Cutler - QB, Bears

The simple fact that people are using the phrase, "But now that he has Roy Williams to throw to..." should immediately raise the red flag on Cutler. The Bears are due to drop off this year, and the man who threw four interceptions to one human in a single game is ready to lead them into oblivion.

Kevin Kolb, QB - Cardinals

Kolb goes from starting five games in his NFL career to Pro Bowl and NFC West championship expectations. The Cardinals overpaid for Kolb so they could try and convince Larry Fitzgerald to stick around. Fitzgerald may have a fine season, but Kolb will struggle due to a lack of other targets.

Jonathan Stewart - RB, Panthers

The highest, most optimistic outlook for Jonathan Stewart is that he might get injured sharing carries with a running back that his team likes more than him. Combine that with the packed defensive fronts he will face with a rookie QB at the helm, and you are safer off steering clear of Stewart.

Miami Dolphins v Atlanta Falcons
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Reggie Bush - RB, Dolphins

The Dolphins seem to enjoy taking first-round pick RBs from the Saints. If you were disappointed by Bush's career when he played on the most potent offense in the NFL, imagine how he'll fair playing for a bottom dweller team who has to play the Jets and Pats four times a year.

Kyle Ayers is a contributing writer for CBS Local

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