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WFAN's Carton Speaks With 'Miserable' Ray Rice: He Takes Full Ownership

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- WFAN co-host Craig Carton says Ray Rice "is trying to repair the damage" after shocking video from a February domestic incident resulted in his release from the Baltimore Ravens.

Carton said he spoke with Rice -- both are alums of New Rochelle High School in Westchester County -- "at length" on Tuesday. He relayed details of the conversation at the top of Wednesday's "Boomer & Carton" show.

"He's miserable. He's embarrassed," Carton said of Rice. "He recognizes that this has now stained who he is as a man. That this is now who he is -- this is the impression everybody will have of him other than family members and people closest to him. And he is dedicated to righting that wrong as best he can."

Craig's Conversation With Ray Rice

Rice was arrested Feb. 15 for a domestic incident that took place inside an elevator at an Atlantic City casino. In the previously unseen video, Rice was seen hitting his now-wife Janay with a quick left-handed blow to the face, appearing to knock her out cold.

Reaction was swift. Rice, serving a two-game suspension for the episode, was cut from his team and suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Nike dropped his endorsement deal, and EA Sports said it would scrub Rice from the video game Madden NFL 15. Rutgers University and New Rochelle High School have also taken steps to distance themselves from their famous alum.

Janay Rice stood by her husband in a statement Tuesday on Instagram, criticizing the media for making her relive a "nightmare" and taking away Ray Rice's livelihood.

"He is very much in love with his wife," Carton said of Rice. "They are very much together. They have gone to counseling. He is in this pretrial intervention program. ... He's most likely moving out of Maryland, selling his house.

"And I asked him about playing football, and he goes, 'It's not on my mind right now.' What's on his mind is trying to repair the damage and making sure that people (know) that he is better, his relationship is better -- they have a beautiful daughter together -- and that's what his focus is on right now."

Carton added shortly after 7 a.m.:

"My guess is that he'll move back to New Rochelle. That's where his mom is, and family, support system, etcetera. And I will say this, whether you want to hear it or not, (he's) very remorseful, takes full ownership of it and recognizes that this is now what people will think about him. And he has to do a lot of work to try to change that. Because he'd like people to know that's not who Ray Rice is."

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