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Thinking about checking out the Westeros banners in NYC you've seen on social media? Think again.

Westeros banners seen on social media around NYC are not real
Westeros banners seen on social media around NYC are not real 00:22

NEW YORK - If you're curious to see the "House of the Dragon"-inspired Westeros banners flying at iconic New York City locations, don't bother. They're fake. 

Videos and images circulating on social media appear to show banners representing two factions from "House of the Dragon" flying on the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges - and even the Empire State Building. The videos say it's time for folks to pick a side, and choose between green and black teams, representing the factions. 

The videos have been viewed more than one million times each. 

It's part of a promotional campaign for the new season of HBO's "House of the Dragon," the prequel series for the wildly popular "Game of Thrones." 

It's not just New York City landmarks that have gotten the digital makeover. Additional videos depict Mexico's Chapultepec Castle with the digitally-added banners, along with Brazil's Sugarloaf Mountain

Some viewers on X seemed unsure of whether the banners were actually flying or were computer generated. Others seemingly got in on the fun, calling it a "disgrace for Brooklyn" for flying the green banner.

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